GPS Waypoints Enterprise

GPS Waypoints Enterprise enhances and adapts the product to organisations and enterprises, in particular when cooperation between mobile devices are required or specific developments are needed. The enterprise solution focus on teamwork, with professional users from multiple sectors (ex. agriculture, forest, biology) but also volunteers (ex. emergencies, environment).

The most common enterprise features, that are being quoted in our offers, are:

  • Team cooperation and server integration (backend applications)
    • Define private tagging schemes for surveyors
    • View the online geodata produced by the mobile devices during survey
    • Convert geodata to a specific format or to the national coordinate system
    • Extract reports from the surveys
    • Integrate the collected geodata with a Geographical Information System
  • Data acquisition and conversion (mobile application)
    • Synchronise the geodata produced by the mobile devices
    • Share geodata between surveyors
    • Save geodata automatically to a backend
  • Usage of External GNSS Receivers and Antennas (receivers)
    • Track vehicles operations using GNSS receivers with pole mounted antennas
    • Use external GNSS receivers (with hand-held based antennas) connected to mobile devices 

GPS Waypoints can be customized for enterprises’ specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to check our service plans or with a specific request, in order to obtain further information and receive a quote.

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