GPS Waypoints Enterprise

GPS Waypoints can be further enhanced and adapted for organizations or enterprises, in particular when cooperation between various mobile devices are required. Our enterprise solution targets teamwork users (including volunteers) and professionals with specific needs. The most common enterprise features that are being quoted in our offers are:

  • Data acquisition and conversion (mobile application)
    • Does your company need specific surveying functionalities?
    • Does your company want to rebrand this APP to use your own name?
    • Does your company want to convert data to a specific format or to your national coordinate system?
    • Does your company want to view the waypoints or paths on mobile maps?
  • Team cooperation and server integration (backend applications)
    • Does your company want to save data automatically on a backend server?
    • Does your company want to integrate the collected data with your Geographical Information System?
  • Usage of External GNSS Receivers and Antennas (receivers)
    • Does your company want to have GNSS receivers on vehicles with pole mounted antennas?
    • Does your company want to have surveyor GNSS receivers with hand-held based antennas?

GPS Waypoints can be customized for enterprises´ specific needs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific request, in order to obtain further information and receive a quote.

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