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GPS Waypoints provide the actual position with detailed information of the visible satellites and position accuracy. The users can create, import and tag points, export data to KML or GPX file formats, share it via e-mail or dropbox and finally see the collected data on GIS tools (e.g. google maps). The Path functionality supports lines and polygons and thus allows to measure distances, areas and perimeters.

The application takes advantage from the built-in GPS receivers used by mobile devices (capable to achieve up to 1.5m accuracy) or, alternatively, allows professional users to attain better accuracies by connecting to a Bluetooth external GNSS receiver (e.g. <1m).

Menu items  Functionalities
Dashboard Actual Position: WGS84 coordinates
Acquisition Modes: Acquiring GPS Signal, Network, GPS, DGPS
Above Sea level: convert ellipsoid to geoid altitude
Compass: magnetic north
Satellites Satellites available: at a given moment at user’s location
Visible satellites: satellites from which the user’s device is actually receiving information
Skyplot: plot with the satellites locations
Waypoints Create: create a waypoint from your actual position
Geocoding: find the address of a waypoint
Tagging: classify a waypoint using your own tagging model
Import: create a waypoint from geografic coordinates, or by searching an address or points of interest
Get me there: get directions and distance to a Waypoint
Sort & Filter (premium only): sort waypoints by creation time, alphabetic and proximity and/or filter by tag
Export: save your waypoints to KML, GPX and CSV (premium only)
Share: dropbox, gdrive, email, etc.
Paths Create: manual create a path or a land polygon from a sequence of points acquired
Auto-acquire: automatically create a points with a fix time interval for a path
Distances & Areas: calculate the distance or areas and perimeters from a sequence of points acquired on the field
Export: save paths to KML, GPX and CSV (premium only)
Backup (premium) Backup and restore user’s data: it is a professional feature for saving the user’s work (specially usefull when acquiring a large number of points) or for transfering/migrating data for one device to another.


The Free version is flexible enough to offer the users a way to create, collect and map your points of interest with the accurate coordinates and measure distance between them. The Premium version aims at providing additional and advanced features to professionals.


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