Bluecover provides information and technology consultancy driven by the usage of location-based services and Space technology. Our specialisations are on the development of mobile solutions, provision of Earth Observation and Navigation services, and the development of custom IoT devices for monitoring and surveillance purposes.


 Mobile    Space Services   IoT and Wearables



Development of location-based applications for mobile devices, acquiring GPS positioning and providing real-time context location features. Our mobile development services are centred on both Android and iPhone devices to professional users across sectors.

While smartphone applications are becoming the users main access point, our services can be integrated and complemented with web back-office operations and smartwatches user interfaces.

Space Services

Satellite Earth Observation

Development and automation of Earth Observation processing services using different satellite sensors, based from existing remote sensing algorithms and AI models.

On-demand processing requests as well as historical/trend analysis from land and sea areas for producing decision-based indicators. We handle open and commercial satellite products from various suppliers, with different revisit periods, spatial resolutions and spectral information, typically with satellites following a long-term continuity strategy (e.g. Sentinels and Landsat).

Satellite Navigation

Our team has expertise on the emergent multi-constellation navigation systems (GNSS) that has been broaden the sector during the last years, including the operations of European GNSS (EGNOS and Galileo). Our work includes GNSS signal quality analysis for Air Navigation in the aeronautics sector (see SWAIR poster).



IoT and Wearables

Over the past years, we’ve successfully mastered our skills by developing and connecting IoT devices with smartphones and over the internet, gathering and sharing multiple sensor information. Customizable IoT platforms were developed for different solutions, relying on an internal bus to connect sensors and external communications for local and wide connections (Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and GSM/3G).

Our IoT platforms were demonstrated on golf wearable wristbands, multi-constellation receivers and surveillance cameras. They are flexible enough to accomplish multiple sensors (including motion, positioning and vision), process data in real time, transmit results (to smartphones/internet) or to perform local controlling actions.
Bluecover provides custom IoT services using these platforms in order to provide customers with specific monitoring and surveillance devices. When used strategically, these devices could reduce costs or become a competitive advantage in various businesses, such as tracking of inventory levels, vehicles connections and energy use.