Shoreline Monitoring for coastal management

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Shoreline monitoring  is one of the services from Coastline Watch, being developed in partnership with geomatics engineer Dr. Gil Gonçalves, and aiming at detection, extraction and monitoring of coastal shorelines using open data (Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2). Although the  shoreline definition is not consensual (as it depends from each country) it is typically defined by the average level of […]

Aerial photos for construction and architecture

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Bluecover provides low-altitude aerial photos using remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). Aerial photos are particular useful in Construction & Architecture sector to monitor the works execution and to promote sales of home & properties in Real Estate sector. Bluecover acquired aerial photos of the new church of the Park of Nations at Lisbon (former place of EXPO'98) […]

Open Data for multiple sectors @Geo-decision conference

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Bluecover contributed to the Geo-Decision conference, held on May 15th to 16th at Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Barreiro (Portugal), with a remote sensing paper aiming to identify and highlight the potential applications that can be developed from the new satellite OPEN DATA, such as LANDSAT-8 and SENTINEL-2 satellite imagery. The assessment concluded that the new Open […]

Portugal 2014 with Landsat8

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It has been a year on the 11th of February since the launch of Landsat8 satellite. The first images were collected one month after (March 2013) and the mission became operational in May at USGS. After these initial months of operations, Bluecover acquired two mosaics of Portugal: one during dry season of 2013 and one […]