Trueshot Swing Tempo

Trueshot Swing Tempo is the mobile application that records and analyses golf swings at the driving range using a WearOS smartwatch or the Trueshot wristband. The application currently includes the detection of golf swings (Full swings, Pitching and Putting), analysis tools for shot timings and smoothness, access to information regarding acceleration and rotational speed at any given moment, speed estimation of the club face in full-swings and ball distance estimation for putts.

Swing Tempo is connected to a database featuring a large set of swings recorded with golfers of different gender, age and handicap to automatically recognise the swings through machine learning techniques. It is possible to identify if the golfer is doing the right movement or not (if it isn’t correctly executed the application will not recognize it). It is possible to track the player’s evolution with timing and acceleration data and it is even possible to see how they stack up with other amateur or professional golfers, and how to improve their game.


  • Records swings from 50 frames/second (smartwatches) up to 125 frames/second (Trueshot wristband)

  • Recognizes full-swing, pitching and putting (including left-handed golfers)

  • Determines backswing and downswing timings, swing tempo, rotational speed, acceleration and swing smoothness

  • Makes a rough estimation of the club head speed (in mph or km/h) on full-swings and the putting distance

  • Compares swing results in real time with data from scratch players

  • Displays and analyses the user’s recording activity and statistics

  • Exports sensor data to MS Excel for swing path analysis

The application works with an Android Wear 1.0 and 2.0 Smartwatches (such as the Moto 360, the Sony Smartwatch 3 and Huawei Watch 2 ) or with the Trueshot wristband (currently exclusively available for pre-order).