Trueshot Wristband @ ESA BIC Portugal

BLUECOVER joined ESA’s Business Incubation Center (BIC) on February with the “TRUESHOT Wristband” project. The company established an office at ESA BIC Portugal to develop a wearable product for golf sector using Space and machine learning technology.

The TRUESHOT Wristband aims to develop and market a product to track automatically ESA-BIC-Trueshot-wristbandgolf shots with a wristband that integrates a GNSS receiver and motion sensors. The wristband will detect and characterize the golfers’ swings and acquire shot location, incorporating satellite based positioning with EGNOS and Galileo. The key differentiators are AUTOMATION, ACCURACY and AUTONOMY: automation to collect data during the game, and providing improved accuracy and battery life adequate for golfing.

BLUECOVER will take advantage of this ESA technology transfer initiative, coordinated by Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), for using GNSS Space technology on non-Space industrial and commercial sectors, such as on Golf sector.  The project will be hosted aDNA Cascais during the next two years.


A first prototype named Trueshot Swing Tempo was demonstrated on the 18th February meeting allowing to record and analyse golf swings at the golf driving range with a smartwatch. After this demonstration, the APP has become available at Google Play for golfers’ testing and trials (offered to early adopters with a special price).

The APP prototype is planned to evolve on the next months with continuous improvements to integrate 3D animation and machine learning techniques.