GPS Waypoints with external GNSS receivers

GPS Waypoints can be configured for connecting to external GNSS receivers via Bluetooth or USB. This configuration of an external source allows professional users to select a high precision receiver (e.g. <1m), taking advantage at same time of the GPS Waypoints data acquisition and management features.The compatibility is applicable to all GNSS devices that supports NMEA 0183 protocol (v4.1 and v2.3) over Bluetooth or USB interfaces. This compatibility covers a wide range of receivers from multiple manufactures, including multi-constellation, multi-frequency and RTK receivers. Some of the known supported receivers are:

    • Trimble R1
    • Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
    • Garmin Glo
    • Navilock BT-821G
    • Qstarz BT-Q818XT
    • ublox C099-F9P

GPS Waypoints interfaces are also compatible with GISUY receivers from Bluecover that use GNSS chipsets from third-parties manufacturers. The current supported chipsets are: 

    • ublox NEO
    • Telit SE686V3
    • ublox F9P.

Please email us your feedback in case you are using (or willing to use) GPS Waypts with other external receivers.

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