GNSS receivers

GPS Waypoints works with external Bluetooth receivers, in addition to the smartphone’s built-in receivers. The external GNSS receiver configuration allows professional users to attain better precisions (e.g. <1m) by connecting any Bluetooth GNSS device that supports NMEA protocol.

external receivers support

GPS waypoints supports the two Bluecover’s receivers, namely:

It also supports a wide range of other manufactures and receivers. The list of the known supported receivers include:

  • Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor (reported by users)
  • Garmin Glo (reported by users)
  • Navilock BT-821G (tested by Bluecover)
  • Qstarz BT-Q818XT (tested by Bluecover)
  • Trimble R1 (reported by users)

If you successfully tested the application with another external receiver please provide us your feedback as a user or manufacturer in order to extend this list.

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