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The GPS Waypoints Free version is a starting point for simple land surveying and path tracking activities, constituting an alternative to handheld devices but with advertises.
The Premium version, without advertises, is natural evolution for advanced users that manages professional datasets, or want to use external high precision GNSS receivers. The Maps feature is an independent extra functionality that allows visualizing your data with Open Street Maps (not included in Premium).
The advanced features (including Premium and Maps) are enabled on the APP through the following channels:

Channel  Licenses available Description
Google Play Subscriptions – Premium Month subscription
– Premium Year subscription
– Premium Lifetime
– Maps Lifetime
Google Play payments are available on ~150 countries. The subscriptions are managed via Google account.
Peer-to-peer Activation – Premium APP version P2P payments are available via Paypal, bank transfer, credit and debit card. The license is managed locally by the APP.
Purchase single licenses here.

The price range starts at 1 euro up to 15 euros, depending on the type of license and country. Check local prices on your APP.

Purchase a Training session

We are hosting short remote training sessions in English for professionals to teach how to use GPS Waypoints and enhance your surveying skills. Check contents and purchase a session here.


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