MOB Kickscooters

The MOB kickscooters is an Android application that aims to control and record trips of standalone kickscooters via Bluetooth and also support private fleet management solutions.

Standalone kickscooters

The application connects to Xiaomi and Ninebot e-scooters via Bluetooth to check the status and control the vehicle. It is useful for users with their own scooter that would like to record their usage and manage automatically the vehicle locking mechanism (unlock for trips and lock during idle periods). The application supports the following functions:
– Check scooter status (odometer, lock status, battery)
– Manual lock and unlock scooter
– Record trips with scooter (time, distance, locations)
– Export trips to CSV file


Private Fleet Management

This application mode allows to reserve and use vehicles from private fleets that are using MOB controller and are registered on our MOB Gateway. It is useful for organisations that want to manage their own fleet, allowing to use both kickscooters and cars. The access is restricted per organisation, including the access to our demonstration area for new customers. This mode supports the two roles:
– Reserve a vehicle available and make a trip (user role)
– Support some maintenance functions (operator role)