Trueshot Golf

The Trueshot Golf product line provides tools to allow golfers to collect metrics and statistics for training and performance improvement.
The current products track the golfer’s wrist movements using an Android smartwatch or our own Trueshot wristband. While the smartwatch is a general-purpose device adapted to the practice of golf, the Trueshot wristband is specialised device for golfing. These two wearable devices are supported by two mobile applications: Swing Tempo focus on the swing practice at the driving range and Trueshot Tracker enables the user to track their game in the golf course.

The Trueshot products look for differentiation on three fronts: automation, accuracy and autonomy. They include a wristband and mobile applications that can be sold together or separately.

icon swing tempo icon trueshot tracker
Trueshot Wristband Swing Tempo Trueshot Tracker