GPS Waypoints Enterprise

GPS Waypoints Enterprise enhances and adapts the product to organisations and enterprises, in particular when cooperation between mobile devices is required or specific developments are needed. The enterprise solution focus on teamwork, with professional users from multiple sectors (ex. agriculture, forest, biology) and also volunteers (ex. emergencies, environment)

The solution includes not only the mobile surveying applications (Android APP and, optionally, IoT devices) but also a Web desktop management access.

The main enterprise components are described in the table:

 Unit  Features
Mobile APP (geodata acquisition)
  • Create or load an existing survey
  • Conduct the land survey and synchronise the resulting geodata, including:
    • upload the data acquired per each surveyor
    • get the data from other surveyors
  • View shared geodata between surveyors

Server backend (team management and survey reporting)
  • Team management and cooperation
  • Customize the survey for using specific tagging schemes
  • Online collection of geodata by the mobile devices during survey
  • Visualization of the survey geodata on maps and plots
  • Extract reports from the surveys

IoT devices (option – sensing or location data acquisition)
  • Collect data manually or automatically
    • Manual surveying uses handheld antennas connected to mobile devices,
    • while the automatic tracking uses GNSS IoT receivers with pole mounted antennas.
  • Upload the data acquired by each IoT device (e.g. external GNSS Receivers, such as GISUY receiver)

Check the service plans of the base offer on the GPS Enterprise site and request a free trial for a month.

The Enterprise can be further customized with specific needs. Some addon features may include converting geodata to a specific format or to the national coordinate system; or integrating the surveying geodata with your Geographical Information System server. Don’t hesitate to contact us with a specific request, in order to obtain further information and receive a quote.

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