NTRIP Client for USB

The NTRIP Client for USB is an Android application for high precision positioning that allows to deliver GNSS corrections to your RTK receiver. The application gets GNSS message corrections from a public or private NTRIP server (Base Station), and sends them out to the serial port of your receiver (Rover Station) for achieving cm-level positioning.

The application includes the following features:
– Collect messages from a NTRIP caster via Internet or private IP network (compatible with the RTCM3 protocol) and produce NTRIP messages statistics.
– Check the status and communicate with the GNSS RTK receiver through the Android smartphone’s USB port or Bluetooth;
– Push corrections to a serial port of the RTK receiver (USB or Bluetooth).

Bluecover NTRIP client system context

The application is available in Regular mode (with ads) and Premium mode. Check our quick guide for details, install a trial and upgrade to Premium to support our development.

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