MOB Controller for vehicle sharing

MOB Controller is a solution for operators from transportation / mobility sector, aiming to provide shared or renting services of vehicles to their customers or just to manage a fleet of vehicles for their own use. Although, it targets Personal Electric Vehicles, it can also be applied to long distance vehicles.


How does it work?

MOB controller adapts conventional vehicles to enable online services, such as to provide remote control and location of vehicles. The vehicles currently supported includes some e-scooters manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Ninebot.

MOB supports Xiaomi and Ninebot E-scooters


What does it feature?

  • Connection via GSM and Wifi;
  • Uses its own location (GPS and GSM);
  • Reports vehicle data, such as mileage, battery, fuel level;
  • Remotely control functions, such as immobilize, lock and ignition.



What do we offer as a solution?

Our turnkey solution for electric scooters and cars includes IoT devices (hardware and firmware) for each vehicle and optionally a fleet gateway.

MOB controller and fleet management gateway

The services are charged with registration fee per device unit and maintenance fee for the gateway.  

Custom solutions to explore new features is viable, with potential adaptation services of hardware, firmware or gateway.


How can I get it?

Currently, ask for further information and request a quote at