GPS Lite Features

GPS Waypoints Lite is a surveying application for iPhone that enables users to collect and classify Points using the existing positioning service from smartphone devices (typically with accuracies above 2-3m). The APP can also import Points from other surveys for visualization of data on maps and obtaining directions and distances.
This multi-purpose solution has an easy-to-use interface adequate for both professional activities (such as earth sciences and engineering) and personal activities (e.g. outdoor and tourism).

Key features

– View current position with an accuracy estimative and navigation information;
– Create Points from actual location (with accuracy information) or input them manually
– Classify your Points with custom Tags from a Theme (e.g. a plant can be healthy, infested, broken or dried)
– View on maps your geodata ;
– Get directions and distances to Points;
– Import Points from CSV, Geojson, KML and GPX files based on geographic coordinates (lat, long);
– Export Points to CSV, GeoJson, KML and GPX files by saving data locally or sharing with other applications (e.g. Mail, iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive);
– Create Themes for the surveys with custom Tags for classifying Points
– Backup and restore data (save your project data and/or migrate it to other devices).

GPS Waypoints Lite is available for iPhone, in Regular mode (with ads) and Premium mode.