Bluecover offers a set of surveying and mapping products to enable smartphones’ users to become map creators. These products are helpful in several land-based surveying and mapping sectors, including agriculture, forest management, urban planning & real estate, infrastructure maintenance (e.g. roads and electrical networks) and emergencies mapping. They can also be used for personal outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, walking, travelling and geocaching.


The current products cover smartphone applications for the users’ data aquisition and mangement, GISUY GNSS receivers for achieving better location precisions and Enterprise tools for team cooperation and developers.

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GPS Waypoints GISUY  Surveyor  GPS wpts Enterprise
GPS Waypoints Lite GISUY  Precision  GNSS Interference Monitoring
NTRIP Client NMEA Online Analyser 

The smartphone applications comprise typically Free and paid Premium features. GPS Waypoints is the main Android application distributed via Play Store (and other stores) with support for external GNSS sources, while the Lite version, base on the existing smartphones’ standard positioning service, is distributed only for iOS.
The GISUY receivers, supported by GPS Waypoints, are our GNSS receivers to improve the position accuracy. They include a high precision positioning receiver with multifrequency and RTK corrections.
The Enterprise tools are typically desktop tools for enterprises and developers. They includes a GPS waypoints’ backend server to support team cooperation, a converter of NMEA sentences and an interference monitoring tool to analyse GNSS signal quality.

The GPS Waypoints for smartphones is an effective alternative to handheld devices, extended with an interface to high precision GNSS receivers. The integration with the GISUY receiver and the Enterprise version expands our offer for organizations and team work.