GISUY receivers

The GISUY receivers are multi-constellation GNSS devices for professionals and enterprises, fully integrable with GPS Waypts mobile application. These devices use USB and wireless Bluetooth serial interfaces to stream standard positioning messages, that work not only with GPS Waypts but also with other mobile and desktop applications.

GISUY receivers are designed and assembled by Bluecover, currently available in the following hardware configurations:

(submeter precision)
Safety Monitoring 
(position errors and interferences)
Surveyor Precision
(subcentimeter precision)

The receivers may be used with an internal antenna or connected to an external antenna. The usage of handheld or vehicle mounted antennas is recommended for reaching better signal acquisition.

The GISUY receivers complements the Premium and Enterprise offer from GPS Waypts. These IoT products can be further customized with specific domain applications or delivered just with the electronics for third parties’ integration.

GISUY Surveyor

The GISUY Surveyor is a multi-constellation single frequency receiver that targets land surveying and vehicles tracking activities. It has a sub-meter accuracy (CEP accuracy < 2 meters), suitable to open sky scenarios (e.g. agriculture) or environments with “weaker” GNSS signals, such as forests and urban areas. The receiver’s positioning is typically acquired via Bluetooth with smartphone applications, such as GPS Waypoints or other applications.

The receiver is capable of acquiring positioning from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou satellite systems. The built-in configurations support both Standard Positioning Service (SPS) and Satellite-based augmentation (SBAS), namely the following 3 configurations:
1) SBAS GPS-GLONASS: this default config, that typically reaches better vertical precisions, is adequate for open sky environments);
2) SPS GPS-GLONASS: the alternative config enables faster and better acquisition fixes in areas with weak signals;
3) SPS GPS-GLONASS-GALILEO: the alternative config with 3 concurrent constellations also targets weak signal environments.
The receiver comes with an internal antenna or optionally with SMA connector for external antennas (handheld or vehicle mounted). It is powered via USB and includes an internal battery that provides autonomy for outdoor activities, as well as ensures backup power on vehicles tracking (when engine battery circuit is off). The outputs, from both Bluetooth and USB serial interfaces, are standard NMEA sentences that can be used by multiple mobile and desktop applications, making this receiver versatile to different business sectors.

The GISUY Surveyor firmware (version 2.7) can be configurable via serial console (Bluetooth or USB) and also includes a web configuration that is only accessible after enabling the Wi-Fi connection. It uses NMEA 0183 v4.10 as the default configuration but it can be changed to v2.3. The receiver supports both mobile and desktop applications. The mobile applications are typically connected via Bluetooth, such as GPS Waypoints or other applications.
The Surveyor is an IoT device only available for quoting and ordering via email with an estimated delivery time of 2 weeks.

GISUY Safety Monitoring

The GISUY Monitoring configuration aims to monitor GNSS signal quality, that is crucial on safety critical businesses, such as aviation. It is used monitor fixed positions errors and GNSS signal interferences for specific environments.
The receiver it uses an external antenna and a permanent power supply. It is typically powered and connected via USB to laptops and single board computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi) running NMEA applications. The monitoring can be performed offline or online, and can be integrable with SWAIR product.

It comes with 3 built-in configurations, reconfigurable using the serial console:
1) SBAS GPS (approved in aviation);
2) SPS GPS (approved in aviation);
3) SBAS GPS GLONASS (typical in transports).
The Monitoring solution is available for quoting and ordering via email  with an estimated delivery time of 2 weeks.


GISUY Surveyor Precision

The GISUY Surveyor Precision is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver, using RTK technology, capable of achieving a centimetre level accuracy. This accuracy level makes it adequate for precision land surveying (such as precision agriculture and construction) or autonomous vehicles. 
The receiver integrates the ublox F9P chipset that allows the concurrent acquisition of multi-band signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou systems and performs position enhancement using a RTK implementation with a fast convergence (seconds) and a reliable performance. The receiver comes with SMA connector for attaching an external handheld antenna. It is powered with a USB adapter and includes an internal battery that provides autonomy for outdoor surveying activities.
The outputs and inputs are supported via Bluetooth and USB serial interfaces. It uses standard NMEA sentences and NTRIP/RTCM3.x messages, that are used by multiple mobile and desktop applications. The NTRIP message corrections requires the usage of a RTK infrastructure service, normally publicly available at country level.

Although it works with other applications, our recommendation is to use the Bluecover ones. The GPS Waypoints can be connected via Bluetooth to acquire and save precise positions, while the NTRIP2USB application can receive and deliver NTRIP/RTCM3 corrections via USB port.

The Surveyor Precision is a IoT prototype available for quoting and ordering via email with an estimated delivery time of 3 weeks.

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