GISUY receivers

The GISUY receivers are multi-constellation GNSS surveying equipments for professionals and enterprises, fully integrable with GPS Waypts mobile application. These devices use USB and wireless Bluetooth serial interfaces to stream standard positioning messages, that work not only with GPS Waypts but also with other mobile and desktop applications.

The GISUY receivers are designed and assembled by Bluecover, currently available in the following hardware configurations:

(submeter precision)
Safety Monitoring 
(position errors and interferences)
Surveyor Precision
(subcentimeter precision)

The receivers may be used with an internal antenna or connected to an external antenna. The usage of handheld or vehicle mounted antennas is recommended for reaching better signal acquisition.

The GISUY receivers complement the GPS Wpts Premium and Enterprise offer. These IoT products can be further customized with specific domain applications or delivered just with the electronics for third parties’ integration.

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