Trueshot Wristband

Trueshot wristband is a wrist-wearable device especially conceived for golfing that detects golf swing movements and analyse swings at driving range, providing timings, speed, acceleration and smoothness metrics.
The challenge was to achieve the ideal compromise for golfing, balancing the electronics (fit the miniaturized components into an attractive and practical wearable case), energy consumption and the integration of machine learning processing algorithms. The resulting wristband uses cutting-edge sensors to ensure optimal temporal and spatial resolutions, particular relevant on golfing downswings. Power consumption was optimized by using a hardware standby mode and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications.
The wristband currently integrates with Swing Tempo application to monitor the movement on golfer’s wrist at the driving range. The recorded data is processed at user’s smartphone, where the golfers can view and analyse their swings in real time, as well as compare their results with data from scratch players. It can be extended to support other applications such as auto-detect type and location of shots at the golf course.


  • Records swings at very high sampling frequencies (up to 125 frames/second),

  • Supports high acceleration movements (up to 20 g),

  • Interfaces Swing Tempo mobile app  to process data and detect movements such as full-swing, pitching and putting,

  • Uses Bluetooth Smart – low power Bluetooth interface,

  • Includes a standby mode for power management optimization.

Available exclusively for pre-order