Use Cases

GPS Waypoints is a multi-purpose application that has being used in various professional and personal surveying activities. Some of the known use cases are described below.

Professional Activities

The professional surveying activities include land surveying, emergencies, construction, cadastral and health. The application becomes particular relevant in activities where it is needed to collect data widely and fast with the involvement of volunteers.  

Land survey and mapping 

GPS Waypoints can be used for multiple land surveying activities not requiring very high accurate positioning. It is useful for geographers (or other professionals) to make surveys on the field to create or validate thematic maps. Users can collect Points (Add Waypoint), classify them and export them CSV/KML and view/process these points in a geographical information tool. Some examples of surveys are trees plantation count, metal detection, classification in urban areas, etc… 

The tool can be used to measure land properties by owners, evaluators, etc…  The user must collect sequential points of the land surroundings (Add point to path) and close the path to build an polygonal area. It is useful for farms, forests, gardens and others to measure areas and perimeters.

Emergencies and volunteering 

Useful for emergency volunteers to map and classify the object found on disaster area. By collecting the points where the wreckage and other objects were found, GPS Waypoints can help you by providing accurate coordinates and create disaster mapping.







Infrastructure Maintenance 

A known infrastructure maintenance use case is the road maintenance classification. The road maintenance professionals need to evaluate and classify the road status. These professionals can tag the names of pavements failure to know the exact coordinates and places where pavements failures are.

E.g. Distress for pavements with asphalt concrete surfaces:

  • Cracking
  • Patching and points
  • Surface Deformation
  • Surface defects
  • Miscellaneous Distresses

Personal activities

GPS Waypoints can also be used for personal entertainment, like outdoor activities, geocaching, travel and other non-professional activities. This application enable easier orientation on map by adding, tagging and exporting the Points of Interests (POI).

Meet me here

GPS Waypoints is convenient for mass market users to save their Points of Interests (office, home and other typical meeting places) and share their locations with someone else (they want to meet) via any messaging application e.g. SMS or E-mail. The meeting person can check the place clicking on the shared URL with place location and check the PoI address (geocode feature). Furthermore, a user can easily send someone else their current location to be found (Find me).

Travellers who want to plan & find places and/or just want to save the places/monuments that they liked to locate later on google maps. For planing and finding, the user needs to introduce the waypoints and check directions them during the travel. For saving visited places, the user just need to add and tag a waypoint.
Outdoor activities
GPS Waypoints is perfect for people who practice hiking, biking, walking, running,   hunting, golfing, skiing, and other activities that people can/want to mark points of interested places, measure distance and to export them to KML/GPX formats.

This application can be used by Geocaching players too. Geocaching players can add and tag the points where they find a geocache.



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