Vision Object Detection

Vision Object Detection (VSURVEY) is a mobile application that analyses and detects objects from a collection of pictures. The most relevant use cases are from surveying activities or personal events for the anonymization photos (blurring faces), and count objects in mobility (for instance, count the number of persons and vehicles on specific urban areas).

The application has four main functions:
a) Detect objects from the image gallery, using different models. There are currently two types of models available: the generic object detection (80 objects grouped in 12 categories, that includes the mobility categories such as vehicles, persons, outdoor), and the faces detection
b) Take processing actions on images with detections:  mark bounding boxes or blur the detection area (used on the anonymization of faces).
c) Analyse the detection statistics, including the detection count per category
d) Export/Share the processed images and the detection statistics to csv files


Vsurvey is available for iPhone and Android.