Trueshot Tracker

Trueshot Tracker register shot positions and distances and get live distances on the golf courses, using advanced positioning features from the mobile GPS receivers

  • Uses advanced positioning features from the mobile GPS receivers
  • Will be integrated Wristband



  • Record and analyse how distances from each shot 
  • Obtain field distances from a real position to the center of the greens and to the position of the last shot 
  • Analyse the history of your games by visualizing the positioning and distances of each of your shots
  •  Export a location of the shots to an external file in a way that allows an examination of an analysis of the shots using an external tool (for example Google Earth). The file is available in KML or GPX (GPS Interchange Format) format in the trueshot-tracker directory of the phone memory card
  • The updated version with "free" maps (based on Google Maps) allowing the golfer to register as his strokes even without field
  • The user must register and have no service to download golf course information and use an application


Currently, we have several mapped courses in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia. If your course is not mapped you can request a course  here.