Trueshot Wristband Manual

This guide provides information about using the Trueshot Wristband to detect and analyse golf swings at driving range. The following five sections described hereafter are provided in order to ensure that you will be able to properly configured and connect this golf specialised band:


1. Materials Needed

You need to ensure that you have all the material to use the wristband. In addition to the band, you will need a Android smartphone and a USB charger.

The current Trueshot Wirstband model is the TSt_Delta2LP (Delta2 Long Press) that is compatible with Bluetooth Smart.

The smartphone needs to support Bluetooth smart and to be installed Swing Tempo. The application, available on Google Play, has been continuously improved  and is now on version 2.0.

The USB charger is not included in Trueshot wristband package. It needs external microB USB charger, that is probably the same charger of your smartphone.

2. Wristband Interfaces


3. Wristband Usage


4. Wristband Operations




Power On/Off, Reset


Setup & Connect

This golf specialised band needs to be properly configured before start providing timings, speed, acceleration and smoothness metrics of the golfer’s swing.


Battery Status



5. Ready to start

After connecting your Swing Tempo to the Wristband you are ready to start swinging.