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GOLFTRACKER project looks for innovation on Golf sector

BLUECOVER was awarded with a European Commission innovation contract for execution of GOLFTRACKER project within the Horizon2020 SME financial instrument.

The GOLFTRACKER project started this month with overall objective to offer golfers a product for automatic tracking of golf shots.  The product aims to produce statistic data that should allow golfers to improve their game by making post analysis, peer benchmarking and receiving training recommendations.

This phase1 project focus on assuring the technical feasibility, assessing the business case and developing an innovation strategy supported by the two EU Space flagships from Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNOS/Galileo) and Earth Observation (Copernicus Sentinels).

The technical feasibility will look for different solutions to combine data from GNSS receivers and motion sensors together with Earth Observation mapping. The resulting product will be a wearable device implemented on top of existing COTS hardware (e.g. smartwatch) or a specific tracking device for golfing using a sensor fusion approach.

The activity aims also to assure an initial user involvement, by making user trials, collecting feedback from early adopters and disseminate the product’s features on the golfers community.  The current BLUECOVER’s prototypes under evaluation are Golf Analysis Tool and GA Tracker.

Golf Analysis Tool is a web self-analysis tool for improvement feedback and training GA Tracker is a prototype of augmented positioning to measure the distances to greens

golf analysis tool


The current usage of both products requires an invitation. Ask an existing member for an invitation or request one here.

A business analysis will evaluate the opportunities for innovation on the sector, including the development of market surveys and the production of a business plan for phase 2.

The work will be performed by BLUECOVER with the participation of partners and third-parties.