Aircraft tracker for local surveillance

SWAIR ADS-B Aircraft Tracker is a demonstrator developed by Bluecover within the SWAIR project that analyses the air traffic at the surroundings of an airport. It uses a receiver installed at the airport, to collect and process ADS-B signals, and an application to view live flights, check details of incoming messages (including accuracy and integrity of GNSS signals), […]

Our multi-constellation receiver using EGNOS and Galileo

GISUY is a multi-constellation receiver, developed by Bluecover,  featuring a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipset, capable of processing the positioning of multiple satellite systems accessible via USB and Bluetooth interfaces. The receiver is being tested since 2017 with various chipsets in different regions. Although the results highly depend on the testing environment, the best […]

Mapping and monitoring airports with Sentinels and OpenstreetMap at GISTAM2018

Bluecover made a study in 2017 aiming to provide up-to-date and accurate worldwide airports mapping information for a new online business travellers tool. This study, published in GISTAM 2018, assessed the possibility of using Sentinels program for improving airports’ mapping and monitoring changes, complementing the airport geographical information base obtained from OpenstreetMap (OSM). A few […]

Plan and find Waypoints for improving travellers and hikers experience

GPS Waypoints version 2.2 (September 2017) has better planning and finding activities, complementing core activities of mapping and surveying. This use case is specially useful for travellers and hikers. It was improved with the new feature Import waypoints and some fixes on Get me there. The Import Waypoints can be used to plan the places to visit or survey. The user […]