Trueshot Tracker 1.4 with live distances and free maps

Trueshot Tracker 1.4 is the latest development in Bluecover’s mobile application for tracking golf shots. It was re-branded from the former “Golf Analysis Tracker” and improved within the ESA BIC program. The new version launched this August includes the following novelties:

  • Live distances to Last Shot: provides the golfers distance to the last shot in addition to the distance to the GREEN.
  • GPS Status and Accuracy: includes advanced positioning features, such as GPS signal status and accuracy information, thus allowing golfers to evaluate how reliable are the measurements made.
  • Free Maps: allows golfers to track shots on top of Google Maps, even if their course map is not available.  This feature enables a worldwide coverage, but the best experience is achieved by playing the existing course maps available from Europe and the United States.
  • Played Games enhancement: the Games History was improved to browse and visualize shot locations and distances from past games.

Trueshot Tracker is an Android Mobile application that uses the built-in GPS receiver to track the location of the shots and measure live distances from current position.  Some of the main features are demonstrated below:

  • Register shots to track positions and measure their distances (typically for post analysis);
  • Get live distances from actual position to the center of the greens (decide the best club to use) and to the last shot (can be used as a supporting aid for searching lost balls);


  • Analyse Games History and visualize the shots’ path and distances for each game (Shot Tracker);


  • Export shot locations to an external file in order to allow the golfer to read and analyze their shots using an external tool, such as Google Earth. The file will be available in KML or GPX (GPS Exchange Format) format at the mobile storage card.


This application will be later integrated with TRUESHOT Wristband, that will use EGNOS and GALILEO satellites and will provide improved accuracy over general mobile devices.