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Golf Analytics Minimal Viable Product is now on Beta Testing

GA Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is now available for beta testing after the first month of implementation.
A focus group of five golfers are kindly contributing for the development, by using this beta version and providing comments and suggestions. The beta testing activities aim at making continuous improvements and pre-evaluating the traction of the product to golfers. [metaslider id=385]

The testing and improvement activities have restrited access at http://ga-mvp.bluecover.pt and will last one more month until the end August. The MVP will then become operational in September.

GA-MVP is targeting amateur’s players (or beginners) that are willing to make fast improvements on their golf. The MVP is the web base application for stroke classification and post analysis that will allow users to classify their strokes after the game and enable them to analyse their statistics in different courses in order to improve their performance.
The product evolution aims to make automatic tracking of the game strokes using GNSS receivers, wearable sensors and Earth Observation information. The automatic tracking mode does not require human intervention thus minimizing intrusiveness on the player concentration during the game.