Mapping and monitoring airports with Sentinels and OpenstreetMap at GISTAM2018

Bluecover made a study in 2017 aiming to provide up-to-date and accurate worldwide airports mapping information for a new online business travellers tool. This study, published in GISTAM 2018, assessed the possibility of using Sentinels program for improving airports’ mapping and monitoring changes, complementing the airport geographical information base obtained from OpenstreetMap (OSM). A few […]

Collaborative Processing Infrastructure for Coastal Monitoring at EXP.AT’15

Bluecover participated on Experiment@International Conference 2015 ('15) held at Azores  on 2-4 Jun 2015, with a paper presenting the collaborative processing infrastrutucture for coastal monitoring. Coastline Watch aims to assess the best practices to continuously monitor changes caused by natural processes (such as waves, tides and currents) and strengthen by human intervention or global climate changes. […]

Coastline Watch was 3rd on challenge from Copernicus Master 2014

Coastline Watch was finalist of the DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge of the Copernicus Masters 2014.  The project achieved the 3rd place of the challenge that was looking for new applications in Earth observation addressing climate, environment mapping or sustainable energy management. The challenge was won by “Global Seagrass Monitoring Initiative” for Archipelagos Institute of […]

Coastline Watch at SPIE .Remote Sensing 2014

A poster from Costline Watch is being presented at SPIE .Remote Sensing 2014, with the title: "Detecting changes on coastal primary sand dunes using multi-temporal Landsat Imagery".  It is the second publication supporting  the development of Coastline Watch concept, this time at  "Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing Conference"  held on 22 – 24 September 2014 at […]

Shoreline Monitoring for coastal management

Shoreline monitoring  is one of the services from Coastline Watch, being developed in partnership with geomatics engineer Dr. Gil Gonçalves, and aiming at detection, extraction and monitoring of coastal shorelines using open data (Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2). Although the  shoreline definition is not consensual (as it depends from each country) it is typically defined by the average level of […]