November’s promotion and dissemination events

This month of November was quite valuable for dissemination of Bluecover’s activities, with the participation in three conferences. Our goal was to present the TRUESHOT wristband developments in order to strength our current investment on the product.

Web Summit was our first participation held for the first time in Lisbon between November 7th and 10th 2016.  One of the largest conference of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Europe, which that brings together entrepreneurs and investors and was attended by 53.056 people and 1490 startups, one of which was Bluecover Technologies.

On the following week, Bluecover as a new company on DNA Cascais presented his work at 3rd Congress of DNA Cascais (November 15th 2016). The congresso was part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, which aimed bringing together entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors.

Bluecover presented the Trueshot Wristbrand for golfing and its golf applications Trueshot Swing Tempo and Trueshot Tracker, among the achievements of H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 and ESA BIC TRUESHOT. Bluecover’s goal is to achieve further investment and partners, preferably from golf business industry or from sports/fitness.

Bluecover concluded the month with 2nd anniversary of the European Space Agency Incubation Center (ESA), managed by Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN), on November 23rd 2016.

The new companies, including Bluecover, were announced by adding their logos on the mural together with the other companies already supported by ESA BIC.  These new companies are Connect Robotics (‘Last mile’ delivery logistics), Findster (Localization Devices), Matereo (Environment and Blue Economy), Bluecover (Sports and Tourism), WaterDog (Tourism and Mobility).

Bluecover’s team participated enthusiastically, with a presentation of TRUESHOT wristband and the launch of a promotional video recorded during our golf trial session with the PGA instructor Keith Barret.