Earth Observation

Portugal 2014 with Landsat8

It has been a year on the 11th of February since the launch of Landsat8 satellite. The first images were collected one month after (March 2013) and the mission became operational in May at USGS.

After these initial months of operations, Bluecover acquired two mosaics of Portugal: one during dry season of 2013 and one during the wet season of 2014:

  • The Wet Season 2014 scenes were acquired from 20th November 2013 to 23rd January 2014.
  • The Dry Season 2013 scenes were acquired from 20th of June 2013 to 23rd of August 2013.

Both acquisitions are previewed below using four common band combinations, displayed as a red, green, blue (RGB).

Portugal 2014 Landsat8


The results are incredible appealing and are very favorable to produce specific thematic mapping and extract further information to support geo-decisions.