Collaborative Processing Infrastructure for Coastal Monitoring at EXP.AT’15

Bluecover participated on Experiment@International Conference 2015 ('15) held at Azores  on 2-4 Jun 2015, with a paper presenting the collaborative processing infrastrutucture for coastal monitoring.
Coastline Watch aims to assess the best practices to continuously monitor changes caused
by natural processes (such as waves, tides and currents) and strengthen by human intervention or global climate changes.
The current solution monitors coastal information from Satellite open data and makes impact analysis from insitu measurements acquired with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

It uses a collaborative infrastructure to make processing requests, analyze and share the resulting outcomes with a project team. The first experimental processing service implements a shoreline monitoring chain to detect changes, to establish trends and indicators and to identify potential risks and critical areas. The service uses Landsat program data and it is prepared to support other open or commercial satellites, such as the Sentinel program.

Checkout our publication "Collaborative Processing Infrastructure for Coastal Monitoring".