Tracking golf shots with accuracy information

Golf Analysis Tracker is a golf demo application for Android aiming to use improved positioning methods to track golf shots, measure their length and get distances to  greens with accuracy information.  The current version 1.2 released this week is a major improvement incorporating  three main differentiation features.
Distances to GREEN with accuracy information
The APP provides distances to the centre of the green with accuracy information allowing the golfer to evaluate how reliable is the location measurements and then take a decision on the club to use.
Measure distances of your shots
Golfers often wants to know how long was their shot, specially their Drive shot. The APP provides a list of distances of your shots during the game.
Export tracking shots data to analyse in Google Earth
The shot locations can be exported to GPS Exchange Format (GPX) and Google KML. The outcome file will be available at your device storage card, enabling the golfer to read and analyse their shots using an external tool such as Google Earth.
Golf Analysis Tracker is demo app considered an intermediate step before providing auto-tracking information with a specific wristband for golfing.